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Sunrise in Asia

Hotels in Asia

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The best Asia hotels with breathtaking views:

Famous travel narratives often come up with breathtaking events of miles covered, discomfort endured and challenges suffered. Effort is prized, expenditure compensated. However, for some travellers, the experience is categorically about the destination instead of the journey, and the less hectic, the better. For these avid comfort-seekers, who fancy experiencing fascinating attractions in tandem with unrivalled amenities, Asia hotels are ideal. Visitors will experience quite a lot other than a 5 star sleep at the following legendary hotels in Asia.


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Guests who stay at the Marina Bay Sands are not only boasting of staying at one of the world’s most priciest hotel, but are marvelling at the opportunity to relax and unwind in one of the world’s biggest outdoor pools. For those keen for details, that is a 150-meter long perpetuity pool floating 200 meters off the ground with a spectacular, panoramic aerial view of Singapore’s Central Business District and neighbouring environs.


This 55-story hotel is famous for its 1.2 ha boat-shaped SkyPark whose length is comparable to the height of the Eiffel Tower. This is the place to be for a free sight of the Lion City and to take pictures to capture the majestic sights. The other popular spot is the bar/club/restaurant Ku De Ta where passionate party revellers can dance the night away.


The hotel comprises of 2,500 rooms which hang above the Marina Bay area and the Marina Bay Business Centre. Still, nothing rivals the excitement of hanging off the edge of the pool which makes you feel as if you are on top of the universe.


Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

The Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney boasts of a spectacular view of the capital with Opera House as well as Harbour Bridge tucked in its backyard.

The hotel is located in the famous Circular Quay area and Rocks district. This 34-story hotel has its Presidential, Deluxe Royal, and Royal Suites re-designed in the fashion of 19th century New York apartments featuring bay window panes and over-sized bathtubs. From the comfort of a spacious bathtub inside the Presidential and Deluxe Royal suites, you can catch a sweeping sight of the City’s Central Business District, Walsh Bay and Circular Quay.

Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

This hotel is conveniently located in mid-town Mumbai. It is sandwiched in between by the Haji Ali Mosque to the south and the Sealink to the North. It is, to some extent, owing to this positional and logistical advantage that the hotel ranks among the top 3 business hotels in Mumbai. On the rooftop, lies Aer bar, an open-air bar which is the highest bar in the capital. With drinks a plenty, you can enjoy comprehensive aerial views of the Arabian Sea, Sealink Bridge, historic mill district, Mahalaxmi Racecourse, with a clear view of the city as Mumbai’s affluent and poorest shove for space.


Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

The Ritz-Carlton is arguably the world’s tallest hotel. Perched on the summit of Hong Kong’s highest building, the hotel has a fantastic vantage point of probably the best aerial views of the City.

Sassy and insightful finishes characterize the hotel, from the telescopes incorporated in all the 312 guest rooms to the Chocolate Library, a lounge typical for serving chocolate high beverages. Ambiance begins with unrestrained glamour at Ozone, one of the highest bars in the world, serving cocktails and Asian tapas. Next up is the exclusive strut of restaurants Teen Lung Heen and Tosca where over 8000 bottles of wine decorate the walls.


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