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Sunset in The Caribbean

Hotels in the Caribbean

Check Hotel Availability for Hotels in the Caribbean. There are many beautiful hotels in the Caribbean, each of which has an international level of service, Booking your Caribbean hotel getaway is simple and easy, just fill in the form above and check all the available hotels in The Caribbean, after searching just reserve the hotel you want. Online payment is secure and safe and you will receive instant confirmation of your Caribbean hotel booking.

Compare Caribbean Hotel and Accommodation Prices.

Caribbean hotel availability can be found on a fair percentage of the 7000 islands which form at least 29 different island nations in the Caribbean, 13 of these are independent nations, 2 are classified as overseas departments and a further 14 are linked to Great Britain, Netherlands, France or the USA. This does not take into account that Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela all have a Caribbean Sea Coastline and that the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands are sometimes considered to be part of the Caribbean also.

Caribbean Island hotels cover the whole spectrum of accommodation. Some of the world’s most costly and most exclusive Caribbean island hotels can be found in this region and yet it is still possible to find guest houses that charge nominal prices. Luxury villas abound on some Caribbean islands and yet you can find backpacker accommodation on others. You can even rent a whole private Caribbean island!

If you are intending to visit the Caribbean you really need to decide what it is you want from your destination. Your budget and the time of year you travel may well influence your decision and some islands are far more accessible than others. If your time is limited look for destinations with direct flights rather than those that involve flight changes, catching ferries or even in the case of the larger islands long transfer times between the airports and hotel. If you are on a budget, look at travelling out of season or at staying at an all inclusive resort where the total cost of your stay can be considerably less than paying for everything on an individual basis. Remember also that out of season in the Caribbean (June to November) is also hurricane season, and that although great bargains can be found on all the Caribbean islands you may feel happier visiting one of the ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, in the Netherlands Antilles which is well away from the hurricane path, or Barbados, Grenada or Trinidad and Tobago which are rarely affected by hurricanes.

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