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Traveling is an adventure-packed and infinitely rewarding endeavour to most people who relish in unravelling foreign cultures, cuisines, and even populations different from their own. To this end, many of these individuals are always on the lookout for tourist destinations that can satisfy this thirst for discovering new and exciting climes.

However, this isn't as easy as some people might think, and one of the challenges of visiting foreign nations is finding appropriate and affordable accommodation. It is a known fact that some foreign tourism facilities like hotels are normally let out at extremely steep prices. This naturally makes most ordinary tourists back off from spending their vacations there and settle for their own local tourist destinations instead.

Fortunately, this doesn't have to be so, and should you fall among this category, there is a convenient and cost-effective way of checking hotel availability in virtually all areas of the world. The emergence of the internet has dramatically revolutionized how many things are done, and the hospitality industry isn't excluded. Now more than ever you can easily pinpoint some of the most attractive tourist destinations, and more to the point ideal accommodation. happens to be one of the leading online hotel availability comparison websites that is solely dedicated to assisting tourists get the best and most affordable hotel deals in many parts of the world. These services, which are offered entirely free of charge, can be invaluable in accessing comprehensive information on various hotel availability rates before settling for the one that fits your budget.

The following are 3 top tourism and business travel destinations that range from North America to Central America and the Far East.

Canada is one of the worlds top tourist destinations, and offers a wide variety of attractions ranging from natural wonders like the breathtaking Niagara Falls and the Rockie Mountains. Not excluding ultra modern cities such as Montreal underground city. All of which can be every tourists dream.

The business traveler isn't left out and one of the top business facilities is the Toronto Dominion Centre. You can do your shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, which is one of the largest in North America. This hotel availability website has over 9,155 hotel listings that are spread out in the 13 major provinces of this nation.

China happens to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and since time immemorial has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the orient. Some of the areas that might pique your interest include the marvelous Himalayas, the astonishing Great Wall of China or if you are a nature lover, the Jiuzhaigon National Park.

You can also take time to visit the Forbidden City, the peoples square or even the Shanghai World Financial Centre. offers an extensive 42,442 listing of excellent hotels you might opt to reside in.

Apart from being famous for its communism leanings, Cuba is one of the best tourist destinations in Central America. Some of the areas worth visiting include; Varadero, Havana City, Los Terazzos, Perro bay, and even Che Guevera's Mausoleum. This hotel availability comparison website offers more than 600 world class hotel listings that stretch over 14 provinces of this amazing Caribbean nation.


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