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Taking time to find a suitable escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day living can be one of the most rewarding endeavours anybody could undertake. However, finding the right place and indeed country to spend your vacation, can most of the time, be an enormous challenge. Most especially if you are not in a position where you can get honest 'word of mouth' reviews of the place you might like to visit.

This is now a thing of the past, and by taking the time to visit you will be on the highroad to locate not only the ideal vacation area but also access all your hotel availability options for the time you wish to travel. This online hotel comparison website offers real-time hotel accommodation rates for virtually all the 4 corners of the world. Which you can filter to arrive at the ideal one both for your preference and budget.

Additionally, this online hotel availability service goes a step further and offers pertinent information on the top attractions you might also like to explore in the area you have in mind. While also highlighting the airport options you might use, and even convenient transportation means around your vacation destination.

All this assistance can enable you to make the most of your vacation, and more importantly spread the word to your close acquaintances. The following are 3 top tourist destinations that span from Europe to the Caribbean.

Denmark happens to be one of Europe's top tourist destinations, and offers a wide range of world class attractions. These include the capital Copenhagen, Zealand Island, Aero and Romo. One of the most popular areas in Copenhagen is Tivoli Garden, which is a breathtaking escape from the boisterous city. It has a stunning flower garden, and an amusement park.

You might also like to visit Nyhavn, which is an old harbour that is lined with restaurants and beer gardens, and it can be an excellent retreat during summer. This hotel availability comparison website has more than 2000 hotels listed under Denmark covering 5 distinct regions.

Dominican Republic
This blessed Caribbean nation is one of the most popular in this region in terms of tourism. Most especially Saona Island, which has been dubbed the crown jewel of the Dominican Republic. It offers some of the most exquisite beaches in the whole of the Caribbean.

You can also visit Columbus Lighthouse that is a multi-million complex that was erected in honour of Christopher Columbus. Or even the National Pantheleon, which is a neo-classical building that goes way back to the 18th century. has over 870 hotels listed in this country most of which are scattered across 14 provinces.

Dominica is another tourism destination gem in the Caribbean, and some of its top attractions include the boiling lake, which basically consists of various hot spring and geysers. The Middleham Falls, which offers great hiking trails. If you might be into deep sea diving, champagne diving that is a top snorkelling area in Roseau. This hotel availability website lists 70 top hotels in Dominica.


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