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Finding the right accommodation is often one of the major issues all overseas tourists have to deal with. One of the best ways to find the ideal accommodation in terms of quality and affordability is by visiting This revolutionary hotel comparison website has an extensive listing of over 5,000,000 hotels from all over the world.

What's more it offers a highly interactive search tool with an easy-to-use criteria that can rapidly give you real-time rates of all the hotels listed on the website. This hotel comparison site also offers invaluable info on the various transport options that are open to you in whatever area you might wish to spend your holiday. This doesn't exclude the most convenient airports in terms of its proximity to the hotel you ultimately choose, and private and public transportation around that given area.

The following are 3 top tourist destinations that can assist you in securing the very best compared hotel deals.

Lebanon is a remarkably beautiful tourist destination in the Middle East, and offers some of the most sought after attractions in this region. Some of its popular tourist attractions include the cedar of Lebanon, which is a dense forest area that is carpeted with 375 ancient cedar trees 2 of which are claimed to be over 3000 years old.

You can also visit Kadisha Valley whose main attraction is the Qadisha Grotto, a cave complex that usually gushes out with seasonal waterfalls during spring. The Qadisha river has over the years sculpted a mystifying canyon over 3,000 feet in depth in this amazing valley.

You can also visit Jeita Grotto which is situated in the Nahr al-Kalb Valley. It consists of 2 caverns tagged the lower and upper cavern respectively. Exploration in the lower cavern is usually by boat as it channels an underground river. Should you be a history enthusiast, you can visit the National Museum in the capital Beirut, which has over 100,000 antique and medieval artefacts. This hotel comparison website has over 400 hotels listed under this country.

Despite the political upheaval that was witnessed in Libya in the past few years, it is still one of North Africa's top tourist destinations. Some of its most popular attractions include the capital Tripoli, which is situated between the Mediterranean and the Sahara.

While here you can be in a position to visit the National Museum which showcases ancient Greek, Phoenician and Roman artefacts. You can also take a tour of the As Jayara al-Hamra Citadel, which is the most conspicuous landmark in Tripoli. has more than 50 compare hotel options you can choose from.

Luxembourg is one of Europe's best kept secrets, and invariably a top tourist destination for many people across the world. Some of its top attractions include the statue of the goddess Nike that is more commonly known as the monument of remembrance. It is dedicated to all the Luxembourgers that lost their lives during the first world war.

You can also pay a visit to the Upper Sure National Park which is a protected nature and wildlife conservation area. You can watch wild birds and a wide variety of flora and fauna peculiar to this region. This website lists more 280 hotels in this country which can help you compare hotels much easier.


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