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There are diverse factors that can contribute to making your overseas vacation memorable, and one of the most important is finding the best hotels. By far the most convenient and highly rewarding way of doing this is by visiting This invaluable hotel comparison website has been widely noted for its user-friendliness and the ease of finding the best compared hotel deals it presents for virtually the whole world. It accomplishes the latter task by offering all its users an interactive search tool, which can give you real-time hotel rates of the more than 5 million hotels that are listed.

Additionally, this website compares hotels and offers genuine tourist reviews of all the hotels in its listings. This can rapidly lead you to locate the hotel that meets your preferences and is also affordable. The following are 3 top tourist destinations that can help you in securing ideal accommodations for the entire duration of your overseas stay.

Malaysia stands out as a top tourist destination in the Far East, and its adventure-packed and highly informative attractions are some of the finest in the whole world. Take for instance, Borneo, a region that is divided between Malaysia, Indonesia and the diminutive yet sovereign nation of Brunei.

The Malaysian part of this region is characterized by dense rainforests that are home to some of the few wild Orangutans left on the earth. While here, you can visit the rainforest discovery centre in Sabah, where you will get to learn interesting facts on the plants, insects and even animals that make Borneo their habitat. Borneo is also known for its top quality scuba diving sites which include the aforementioned Sabah, Sipidon and Mabul.

On the other hand, you might explore the excellent rainforest trekking paths, where you might encounter monkeys, snakes, waterfalls, and even hidden beaches. This compare hotels website has over 600 hotels listed from this part of Malaysia.

You can also visit Penang Island which effortlessly blends a touch of modernity and Malaysia rich tradition as can be observed by the well preserved heritage buildings dotting this region. Penang Island is also Malaysia's food capital, and you can sample some of the far east's exotic cuisine.

You will undoubtedly like to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city, where you will be enthralled by the Kuala Lumpur Tower, one of its iconic structures. It stands at height of 421m (1403 ft) and its architecture bears a symbolic attribute of the nation's Islamic heritage.

Mexico is one of North America's top tourist destinations. Some of its finest attractions are concentrated in Mexico City, the capital, and one of the world's largest metropolitan cities. Its historical centre is home to the Palace of fine art, the Zocalo, and the Plaza de la Constitucion. You can also visit Cancun, The Riviera Maya or the Pacific Coast, which all offer breathtaking tourist attractions. has over 7,700 hotel options for you to compare.

Madagascar is an iconic African island completely detached from the continental land mass. It offers fantastic tourist attractions such as Nosy Be where you can spend your free time whale watching or scuba diving. This area is also home to the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve where amongst other animals, you can watch the endangered Lemur in their natural habitat. You can compare more than 120 hotel choices in Madagascar on this website.


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