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Getting ideal accommodations is one of the biggest headaches that plague most individuals when searching for hotels overseas. This is now a thing of the past thanks to This amazing compare hotel prices website has over the recent years revolutionized how many tourists locate quality and affordable hotel accommodations in virtually every region of the globe. This is largely through its user-friendly interface and more to the point accurate search engine, which offers real-time rates of the more than 5 million hotels in its listing.

Moreover, this online compare hotel prices resource offers invaluable info on the various tourist hotspots and areas of interest in all the listed hotels. This can make your vacation more fulfilling beyond your utopian expectations. The following are reviews of 3 top tourist destinations that this incredible compare hotel prices website can help you in securing the best accommodation.

Portugal is arguably one of Europe's top tourism hotspots, and offers world class attractions that makes most of its rivals look pale in comparison. Some of these include Sao Miguel Island, which is situated at the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. One of its major attractions is the Sete Cidade twin lake, one of the world's amazing natural wonders. Under the sunlight one lake appears green while the other takes on an azure appearance.

While in Sao Miguel you can visit Parque Tera Nostra Island whose prime attraction is a mesmerizing and immaculate garden. offers 92 hotel comparison options you can take from Sao Miguel.

On the other hand, you may opt to visit Terceira Island and get to explore Angua Heriosimo, a UNESCO world heritage site. You can view the 16th century cathedrals, churches and even mansions that dot this area. By climbing the Monte Brasila crater situated on the west side of Terceira, you will get some of the most scenic views of the harbour and city. has 33 popular compare hotel price choices you might make in Terceira.

You can also opt to go to Madeira Island that is fabled for its sub-tropical climate and virgin beaches. Another must visit in Portugal is the Lisbon Oceanarium, Europe's largest indoor aquarium. It is home to a large collection of marine creatures such as Penguins, Seagulls, Sea Otters, Octopuses, among many others.

Some of the Philippines top tourist attractions include Bocaray, situated 315km from Manila. It offers pristine beaches and very panoramic views. Bocaray is naturally one of the Far East's water sports paradises, and you can try out scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, and even cliff diving. This website has a listing of 437 hotels you can opt for in this region.

Luzon is another of the Philippine's top tourist destinations and Mt Mayon is one of the more popular attractions. Situated in Bicol, to the south of Luzon, it offers excellent trekking opportunities and scenic views of the whole island. For your shopping needs you can go to SM mall of Asia, which offers diverse stores, eateries and a wide range of entertainment options.

Panama is strategically situated exactly where the North and South American continental shelves meet. It is also the meeting place of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Its top tourist attractions include Bocas del Toro Archipelago that is a diving hotspot in this region.

The topography of lush rainforest and isolated patches of stunning shorelines. The Panama Canal is arguably Panama's top tourist destination, and you can make partial or complete crossings of this artificial canal. lists 501 compare hotel prices options for Panama.


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