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Traveling abroad can be a pain in the neck, more so when you consider the perennial challenge most tourists face virtually everywhere in the world, finding ideal accommodations. This is however, now a thing of the past, and by visiting hotel comparison websites such as you can be in a good position to access a wide range of hotel options too numerous to choose from.

Moreover, these invaluable online tourist information and resources providers have teamed up to ensure that their users get the very best deals in hotel accommodations in any region of the globe. By exploiting these hotel comparison websites you essentially not only locate ideal accommodations, but also stand to save a whopping 80% on the hotel rates you obtain.

These indispensable hotel comparison websites also have wide and varied listings of millions of popular hotels worldwide. From which you can opt for the one that best fits your distinct preferences and more to the point budget. The following are 3 top tourist destinations that compare hotel prices websites can assist you in locating ideal accommodations.

Russia is a country that has over the centuries accrued a rich heritage and cultural background, which naturally, makes it one of Asia's most popular tourist destinations. Some of its top tourist attractions include the Trans-Siberian railway journey that criss-crosses the whole length of Asia, and connects Russia with the Far East. Taking this trip can help you explore the natural wonder of the Gobi Desert, the Ural Mountains, and even the Grassy Steppes of Mongolia.

Moscow the capital also offers excellent tourist attractions such as the Red Square, where you can explore St. Basil Cathedral, an iconic landmark in Russia. You can also be in a position to view the Communist leader Lenin's embalmed body, which lies in state in this area.

There is also the Baltic Sea cruise that travels through 28 cruise ports across Europe; some of its popular cruise ports include St.Petersburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm. While still in Russia you can make a visit to the Volga river, a splendid cultural attractions. alone has over 9,000 compare hotel price options it offers to its users.

Transylvania happens to be Romania's top tourist destination, where you can explore some of Europe's best preserved medieval towns like Brasov. This town features old Saxon architectural highlights and amazing citadel ruins. You might also like to visit Tepes, and in particular Bran Castle, where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for his epic novel Dracula.

Moldovia is another must-visit region of Romania which offers feasts for the eye everywhere you turn. These include monasteries and churches in Moldovita, Humor and Abur. You can also explore Nearnt Fortress situated in Targu Nearnt. Or relax in the scenic topography of the Bizag Gorges. has over 4,300 compare hotel prices choices you can make in Romania.

Despite its tainted past, Rwanda has over the recent years come to be one of East Africa's havens of peace and tranquillity. One of its chief tourist attractions is the opportunity to watch Gorillas in their natural habitat. To this end, there are several national parks such as Akajera and Nyungwe, which offer excellent gorilla treks.

You might also like to visit Lake Kivu, which is situated on Rwanda's border with the Democratic Republic Of Congo. This area is a good relation hotspot, where you can sit back and admire the terrific landscape.


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