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Traveling to overseas tourist destinations is often one of the best ways of discovering exotic landscapes, cultures, and even making new friends. One of the biggest headaches that most tourists experience globally is the ability to locate ideal hotel accommodation. This has all changed, and by visiting a 'hotel comparison' website like you can be in an excellent position to effectively pinpoint suitable accommodations virtually anywhere in the world.

This hotel comparison website offers an effortless and convenient tool for obtaining the best available hotels' deals. Which can help you save a whopping 80% on the money you spend on your overseas accommodations. The following are 3 top tourist destinations which this website can assist you in obtaining the most ideal and affordable hotel accommodation.

Despite the formidable reverses Thailand has faced thanks to the tsunami, it is still one of the Far East's top tourist destinations. Some of its most popular attractions are found in Southern Thailand, which lies on the border with Malaysia. One of this region's top tourist areas is Phuket, which is arguably Thailand's most popular islands, and among other things offers pristine beaches.

Ka Tao is another top attraction in Southern Thailand and happens to be a water sports paradise, especially top rated diving areas. Krabi on its part, is a backpacker island, while Railey Beach offers some of the Far East's most splendid and serene scenery.

Central Thailand is not left behind in pulling large numbers of tourists. Bangkok the capital lies in this region, and some of the area of interest you could visit are the Grand Palance, Wat Pho among others. Not forgetting Pathon, which is the oldest city in Thailand. alone offers more than 13,000 quality available hotels in Thailand.

Turkey is a top tourist destination in Europe, and one of its main attractions is Cappedocia where you can spend your time exploring its underground cities. Denkayo and Kayinakli being the foremost of these, with the former holding the bragging rights for being the deepest (8 stories) and the latter is unmatched in its broadness.

You can also make time to visit Ephesus, a biblical era city whose ruins are still visible. While here you can explore the enchanting temple of Artemis that is one of the 8 wonders of the world. Or the basilica of St. John, which is believed to lie on top of the final resting place of St.John.

Another area of interest in Ephesus is the 7 sleepers tombs, which popular legend holds were hidden there to escape persecution. As would be expected, there are plenty of available hotels in Turkey, with listing more than 12,000 in its catalogue.

Tanzania happens to be one of East Africa's and indeed the whole continent's most favourite tourist hotspot. One of its chief attractions is Mt. Kilimanjaro, an extinct volcano which standing at 5,892 metres above sea level and is the highest in Africa and the worlds highest freestanding mountain. Naturally, this area is a mountaineer and trekkers paradise.

You can also visit the Serengeti National Park, one of the most famous of its kind for offering authentic Big Game Safaris. Its main attraction is the annual wildebeest and zebra migration into the Masai Mara game park in neighbouring Kenya.


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