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Taking an overseas vacation can be the ideal way of meeting interesting people, discovering new cultures and even sampling some exotic cuisine. Despite this, one of the most endemic problems that most foreign tourists have to deal with is finding a perfect hotel for their needs. By taking time to visit hotel availability websites like you can find yourself on the highroad to locate appropriate accommodations almost anywhere in the world.

This hotel comparison website has millions of hotels in their extensive listings. From which you can conveniently filter to locate the one that matches your preferences and even budget. Below are 2 top tourist destinations of the western world that this check hotel availability website has on its books so you can search for your ideal hotel break.

United Kingdom
The UK is one of the world's top tourism destinations which draws many people from all over the world each year. One of its chief attractions is the capital city London. Some of London's top tourist areas include the Tower of London, which offers the White Tower one of the world's most significant historical buildings. It is currently home to "the power house" an interesting exhibition of Britain's national institutions.

While still in the Tower, you can explore the Royal Beasts Exhibition in the Brick Tower and discover how the Tower would have looked before the animals left in 1832, explore the stories of many of the animals kept at the Tower through interactive displays, experience how animals would have lived, what they would have smelt like and learn what happened when they eventually escaped. Or the line of Kings which exhibits life-sized figures of armoured kings mounted on wooden horse's.

Another top London attraction is Piccadilly Circus situated at the centre of the city. This area's most popular street is Regent street, which was home to England's most famous fabled detective Sherlock Homes. There are also cinemas, restaurants, and even bars, you can choose whichever fits your fancy.

Trafalgar square which is only a stone's throw away from Piccadilly Circus is home to the National Gallery which exhibits works from some of Europe's art masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gough, Botticelli, amongst others. Trafalgar square also regularly hosted numerous cultural events that are usually held at its famous fountains. Other top tourist areas where you can find check hotel availability options include Yorkshire, Isle of Skye and the Lake District National Park.

United States of America
There are plenty of hotel availability choices you can make in the USA, which is one of the world's largest and most culturally diversified countries in the World. One of its top tourist pullers is the city of New York, and particularly Manhattan the most famous of its 5 boroughs. You can explore its famous skyline, check out the Statue of Liberty, go up the Empire State Building or stroll around Central Park.

The Grand Canyon in North Arizona, is also another top tourist destination. This natural wonder has a depth of 1.6 km and is 446 km long. You might also like to head to San Francisco and check out the Golden Gate Bridge, a famous suspension bridge linking the city of San Francisco and the neighbouring county of Marin

The Florida Keys have become a popular destination for people from all around the world and is especially popular with "stay at home" Americans. The Florida Keys is a 120 km long tropical island chain, and apart from its beautiful beaches, its main attraction is the 7 mile bridge. This structure is very popular with movie makers and has been a scene of True Lies, and even 2 fast 2 furious.


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