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Finding appropriate accommodations overseas can be a very daunting process. This has now changed, and by visiting hotel availability websites, you can effortlessly locate excellent hotels in terms of quality and affordability virtually anywhere across the globe.

Hotel comparison sites such as offer their users extensive listings of popular hotels in virtually all the top tourist destinations globally. What's more, you stand to gain an outrageous 80% off of all the accommodations you choose via these websites.

The following are 3 top tourist destinations that this hotel availability website covers.

Apart from its main export of crude oil, Venezuela also boasts some of the most serene and mesmerizing landscapes that can be found anywhere in South America. This invariably makes it a top tourist destination in this region. One of its top attractions is the Angel Falls, the world's highest free-falling drop which stands approximately 979 metres above the ground. It is situated deep in the Canaima National Park, which also offers plenty of sightings of jaguars, armadillos, tapirs and even poisonous arrow frogs.

You can also visit Merida and Pico Bolivah towns which are the gateways to the Andes mountain range. This region offers excellent trekking and mountain climbing opportunities. The island of Ca isla Maguerita that is located in this countries northern coastline offers splendid white sandy beaches. You can spend your time here diving, snorkelling or simply sunbathing. There are numerous hotel availability options you can opt for in this region.

The Mochima National Park is a 94,900 hectare region that consists of coastal and marine areas, the most famous of the latter is Mochima Bay. The topography in this region is mostly mangrove and mountainous coastlines and sandy coves. While here you will have a great opportunity to watch 28 reptile species and 78 mammal species in their natural habitat.

Vietnam is a country renowned the world over for its breathtaking natural beauty. It also has a long rich history and cultural heritage, which naturally make it one of the Far East's top tourist destinations. One of its top attractions is the seaside town of Nha, which offers pristine beaches, clear blue waters and relatively mild temperatures. It is also acclaimed as the scuba diving capital of this country.

Mui Ive town on its part, is characterized by strong sea breezes and is a favourite with kite and wind surfing enthusiasts. It also boasts of dazzling sand dunes located on its northern end. You can get a lot of hotel availability choices in this region of Vietnam.
This area offers magnificent views of the town, particularly during sunset.

While still in Vietnam you can visit Cu Chi Tunnels, which are simply a network of underground tunnels. This labyrinth was used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. Phu Quoc which is the largest island in Vietnam offers pristine beaches and unspoilt coral reefs.

British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands are especially popular with sailing and cruise ship tourists, and Some its numerous islands (more than 60 ) are trendy ports in the Caribbean. The Virgin Gorda Island is famous for the huge granite boulders found on its beaches. Sandy Spit on its part is a diminutive island that can be the perfect setting for a quick lunch, and afterwards indulge in snorkelling on its offshore coral reef.


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