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Hotels in Berlin

Berlin Hotels

Berlin Hotels Check Availability


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Hotels in Berlin

The five best hotels that are to be found in Berlin.

The modern generation has witnessed a rapid increase in the speed of information dissemination brought by networking capabilities of the internet. Social and private websites have opened up avenues to exchange a large domain of information which consequently increased the passion for travelling. Berlin is known as one of the hotspot cities visited by many tourists who tour Germany. Importantly, hospitality investors have funded development of some of the best hotels with state of the art technology. Modernization and automation of service among other quality achievement can be seen as the focal point to the success of these hotels.

Berlin is located in the North-Eastern region of Germany and is the seventh most popular modern urban city in the world with quality serviced hotels.

Here is a list of the five best hotels in Berlin:

Adlon Kempinski Berlin
This is one of the oldest hotels in Germany. It survived world war two and later, suffered a serious fire, but has since been renovated in 1997. It served renowned celebrities like John D Rockefeller in the early years and is still a celebrity's favourite today. It is located on Pariser Platz, a central view with rooms facing the Brandenburg Gate a much visited attraction. Opened in 1907 by Lorenz Adlon, this hotel provides modern cuisine as well as traditional German food. The rooms are clean and spacious embracing elegant glare and interior design

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin
Located at the Potsdamer Platz, Ritz-Carlton is the perfect re-construction of a once busy intersection in Berlin life. It has however maintained the Ritz-Carlton culture of quality service provision and offers excellent traditional English tea and freshly baked scones. It was opened in 2004 and became the 1st hotel to host US President Barrack Obama. It is fixed with modern technology such as wireless Internet and Bluetooth, a definite destination.

Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome, Berlin
The attractiveness displayed by the florist's in the main lobby of this hotel is one to behold. This hotel is located in the centre of Berlin in a former bank. The offices and rooms were redesigned into luxurious suites with exquisite sunset views. It was opened in 2006 and hosts ballrooms and nice rooftop views.

Soho House Berlin
This hotel is a restored building known as Bauhaus at the centre of trendy Mitte. It has 40 spacious rooms and a fantastic rooftop bar and pool. It also has a screening room which attracts some of the world's most renowned film stars. It is a member's hotel that provides some of the best spa facilities in Berlin. Although it only rose to the scene recently, Soho House is one of the most preferred hotels in Berlin.

The Mandala Suites Berlin
The Mandala suites are located in the middle of numerous historical attractions of Potsdamer Platz. It is known for its modern look and has the most spacious hotel rooms in Berlin. Its ergonomic upholstery and furniture plus the elegant bright rooms continue to attract many guest's.


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