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A view of the city of Prague

Prague Hotels

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Hotels in Prague

Compare Hotel Prices In Prague.

While a number of newly developed cities have been dubbed as "New Prague", there is nothing like the original one. The city is dotted with a number of special hotels that include secluded villas, floating hotels and converted monasteries.
Here is a list of few famous hotels along with their tariff so that you can compare hotel prices in Prague from budget to bohemian!

Hotel Josef Prague
While in Prague you cannot miss the orange and pink facade of Hotel Josef located in the old Jewish quarter, Josefov. Located next to the graceful Parizka street, it is the only boutique hotel in the city centre. The glass bathrooms and the appealing upholstered sofas have been designed by Eva Jiricna, a designer who has worked on several hotels in London and Paris as well. The price of a double room ranges from £107 to £143.

Clown and Bard Hostel Prague
This easy going hostel lets you come and go as you please and is located in the developing district of Zizkov. The only cardinal rule here is that stag night groups are not allowed. This hostel has found huge popularity with party loving people and is known for its live gigs and the bar. You get a bed in the dormitory of 32 beds for as little as £7 and a twin suite for £19 with breakfast included in the tariff.

Hotel Paris Prague
This hotel lets you experience the old style luxury with its bronze and marble interiors, tinkling piano bar and domed ceilings. The hotel resembles a set from a 1920s movie and has an air of sophistication about it. This hotel was built in 1904, confiscated in 1940 by the communists and returned only in 1991. The Brandejs family owns and runs the hotel now. If you can dig deep into your pockets, go for the Royal Tower suite which is a triple room spire with wooden beams and a winding staircase that leads to a glass tower room giving a 360 degree view of the city. The standard double room is available at £109 and the Royal Tower Suite can be booked for £1,323 per night.

Green Lobster Prague
Hardly any distance from Prague castle and Charles Bridge in Mala Strana, this hotel has tried to keep the original features of 14th century alive. They have named each of their suites after a Czech President. The red, cream and gold colour scheme along with the wooden floors and hand painted ceilings give this hotel a warm feel. Prices range from £61 for a single room to £179 for an executive suite.


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